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tenics is specialized in the development of safety-critical software.

As an experienced team, we support you in your project work, especially in schedule-critical projects Our portfolio covers the complete lifecycle from requirements definition, design and implementation to validation and qualification. As experts we help you in technology development and in consulting for an improvement of your development process.

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What advantages can we offer you?

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  • Newly formed team

    Goes through the usual unproductive, sometimes conflictual team building phases for the first few months before moving into a performance mode.


    Rehearsed teams start directly into the performing phase.
    As a result, we are on average 35% more efficient and significantly more productive in the first three months.

  • Newly formed team

    Carries the risk of mismatched characters, leading to team problems in the medium term


    We have been working together successfully in challenging environments for many years and are experienced in teamwork - from interaction to team communication. As a strong and well-rehearsed "task force", we significantly increase the effectiveness of the development process.

  • Newly formed team

    Size is not limited, but typically becomes noticeably more inefficient at size above 7.


    Each team member at tenics has more than 10 years of experience and individual expertise in software development in complex technical environments.
    Our experienced team therefore works with particular routine, unerringly and delivers to the point.

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